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Does Cum Have A Smell

What does *** smell like? (My experience: like Bleach) Is this something i should be concerned about Communities; Expert Forums; Health Tools; People; Full Site

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Oct 13, 2005 · What Does Cum Smell Like some thing but iam not sure but it dosnt stink but it dosnt have a perfumiy smell. Does every guy have a diffrent cu

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Does semen have a scent? Does it? by Anonymous: reply 41: 02/10/2013: You know it does. I personally find that fresh cum doesn’t smell too much when it comes out,

Does semen have a typical look, smell and taste? Can I get HIV or STDs from pre-cum or semen? Yes, both pre-cum and semen can transmit HIV and STDs like

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Is it normal if sperm has strong odor? no one knows for sure whether cigarette or alcohol does indeed have an effect on the smell of if your cum smells

foul smelling semen Poor personal hygene can result in foul smelling semen. The fish-like smell is an indication that alot of smegma can be heaping up

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May 15, 2009 · why does my semen smell? every time i ejaculate inside my teenfriend her stuff started stinking bad so i did it inside a cup and after 2 days it stunk?i

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What does semen smell like? (self.NoStupidQuestions) There’s some tree people say smells like cum but I have no idea what that is. permalink; embed; save; give gold

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Everything You Need To Know About Sperm (Including Male Fertility And That Distinct Semen Smell) 05/09/2014 13:04 And why does semen have that distinct smell?

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