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Gay People Say No

Gay People Say No 54

Are you gay? Do you want to be straight? Today a number of groups tell people it’s possible to stop being gay, saying that through therapy and prayer, God can help

Mar 20, 2013 · Gay marriage? These voices say ‘No’ and explain why. Disparaged as bigots, these diverse voices say they’re simply defending American society.

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Jun 13, 2009 · Another Funny Clip Of These Two Peeps Where She Is Trying To Say That He Is Gay ! Enjoy

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person 1: Have you seen the movie Gay People Say No? *snicker* person 2: In fact, yes I have. Do you remember the car chase scene where the hero jumps through the

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Dec 07, 2009 · Gay people say no!!! – teaser trailer Sh*t Homophobic People Say – Duration: What Straight People Think About Gay Rights – Duration:

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A kind woman, who would never intentionally offend another person, writes: “I love gay people, I just cannot support their gay lifestyle.” A pastor stands at the

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How to Understand Gay and Lesbian People. Re-examining long-held beliefs can be frightening and confusing, but it is without doubt admirable. Thinking deeply about

Nov 13, 2013 · I love to be a gay man. But for a group of people who are, Below are eight things that gay men say frequently 8 Things That Gay Men Need to Stop

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